Orabrush Tongue Scraper





About this item

  • Dual-action tongue cleaner featuring ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristles promote good breath.
  • Micro-bristles reach deep into the uneven crevices of your tongue to loosen and lift away bad breath
  • Bristles are designed after a surgeon’s scrub brush
  • #1 tongue cleaner in the US

Product Description

90 percent of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue. Use Orabrush to clean yours. Orabrush is a dual action tongue cleaner featuring ultra soft micro pointed bristles that reach into the deep crevices of your tongue promote good breath. Designed after a surgeon’s scrub brush, Orabrush’s micro pointed bristles are designed specifically for the tongue. Rather than using a toothbrush or a tongue scraper that only clears and cleans the surface, use Orabrush.


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