A beautiful smile is also a powerful part of looking and feeling your best. At Tooth Time we can make a real difference in your smile.


For most people, an attractive smile is an important part of the overall impression a person makes. A beautiful smile radiates confidence and projects a positive image about you. A beautiful smile is also a powerful part of looking and feeling your best. At Tooth Time we can make a real difference in your smile.

Our patients typically seek orthodontic treatment for one of the following reasons:






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Most Common Questions about Braces at Tooth Time Family Dentistry?

What do braces cost?

Costs for orthodontic treatment vary according to the severity of the problem and length and complexity of treatment. Fees and payment arrangements are fully discussed at the consultation appointment. Usually we request an initial fee of $500 when treatment begins. Most cases in our office range from $4120- $4800 depending on the complexity. The remainder is divided into monthly payments for the duration of treatment. Special arrangements can be made.

Does my insurance cover my braces?

Maybe, there are hundreds of insurance plans and they vary. Many times it is a covered benefit. Learn more about your insurance and what your payment options may be by asking the front desk about your coverage.

Does Medicaid pay for braces?

Well, we have no idea. We suggest you call Medicaid and ask them for a provider in the area who may be able to provide the service for you. We no longer file with Medicaid to do braces.

Are retainers necessary and how long will I have to wear one?

A retainer is a device worn full- or part-time after braces have been removed. The retainer is designed to prevent your teeth from drifting or moving while the bone around your teeth hardens and stabilizes. We like to say that retention is forever. The longer you wear your retainer, the better your chances that your teeth will not relapse. Retainers provide assurance that your teeth will stay in alignment while your jaw continues to grow or develop.

What is Phase I treatment? 

“Interceptive” or “early” treatment, also known as Phase I, begins at 7 to 9 years of age for severe bite problems. Some problems must be treated at a younger age to produce the best orthodontic result. If a severe problem is delayed to a later age, a complete correction may not be possible. Early orthodontic treatment can sometimes avoid extractions of permanent teeth and can produce a more stable result.
Phase I treatment typically lasts 12 to 18 months followed by retainers for several years until all permanent teeth erupt. Some patients require Phase II (full braces) at approximately age 12 to finish the correction of the bite problem.

Will braces hurt?

Typically the patient is not uncomfortable while in the office but will experience some discomfort for two to three days after each adjustment. Over-the-counter pain relievers relieve the soreness in most cases.

How long do I have to wear braces?

Many factors determine length of treatment, such as bite problem, response to treatment, and cooperation on the part of the patient. Although, some minor tooth movement can be resolved in less than a year, complex cases may need two or three years for completion.

Will braces keep me from playing sports?

No. It is recommended, however, that patients protect their smiles by wearing a mouth guard when participating in any sporting activity.

Will braces interfere with playing musical instruments?

No. However, there may be an initial period of adjustment. In addition, brace covers can be provided to prevent discomfort.


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