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At Tooth Time Family Dentistry we treat you like family, while providing the highest quality of dental services in a safe, clean and caring environment.

Myth Or Not: Bad Teeth Are Often Inherited

Some people swear that teeth problems run in their family. Their grandparents and parents lost their teeth and had to start wearing dentures when they were as young as 18. If your family is prone to getting lots of cavities, crowns, dental abscesses, chipping, gum disease and other problems, you might get very frustrated and wish you'd had different parents.


Six Tips For Protecting Teeth This Holiday Season

Most of us worry about gaining at least 2 pounds and not fitting into our elegant outfits during the Christmas season. But weight gain isn't the only concern. The foods and drinks you consume at parties may also harm your teeth.


Quick Fact!

People who drink 3+ sodas/day have 62% more decay and tooth loss.